Here you can find a few references about my work, written by awesome professionals who worked with me around the world.


“Francesco was my manager while at Dynatrace.

He always found time for us in the team whenever we needed that, didn’t shy away from doing what he could to remove barriers or reduce unnecessary workloads, and always fought for the changes he thought necessary.

Furthermore, Francesco has the great characteristic of always being very straightforward and honest within and about any context or topic, regardless of how “tough” those might be.

Working with him was a pleasure — as a leader and manager, he’s got your back.”

Marcus Englund
Senior UX Researcher
— 2023

“Francesco is joyful to work with. He is truly knowledgeable and able to lay out his wisdom in a clear and focused manner. While he is easy-going, he still manages to discover and bring out the best in others.”

Django Boegner
User Experience Lead
— 2022

“Francesco was my Design Director at Dynatrace. From day one, I enjoyed our 1on1s because he’s a great listener who tries to understand you as a professional and person. He applies human-centered design principles to everything he does, and people management is no exception to that.

As a former designer, he can emphasize with designers on a craft level while always providing context for the bigger organizational picture and holistic product experience.

His calm and clear communication in difficult situations is something I highly valued when working with Francesco at Dynatrace.

And the most crucial thing: Francesco is someone you can rely on and trust. Grazie, Francesco.”

Marc Stauffer
Principal Product UX
— 2022

“As a senior experience design manager and instrumental partner to UX research, Francesco has been demonstrating a great and deep understanding of the product research, design, and development processes. Equipped with a user-centric mentality and with a pragmatic approach, he constantly works to identify areas of opportunities for creating better products and customer journeys.

As a people and practice leader, I constantly see him asking the right questions while steering his team as well as our key product and engineering stakeholders in a way that puts humans at the centre.

It’s a pleasure working with such a business partner and colleague!”

Vincent Primeau
UX Research Manager
— 2022


Jie Zangs
Senior Product UX Designer, Squad Lead
— 2022

“Francesco impressed me in our short time working together. He is a seasoned leader that is very thoughtful in his approach to product design challenges and yet strategic enough to ask deep questions that show he’s thinking three or four moves ahead of everyone else.

Through his long-term vision he helped break apart potentially complex work into smaller more manageable tasks for the team to focus on.

I highly recommend Francesco for any design leadership role. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Matt Metropulos
Director UX Design
— 2016

“I had the pleasure of working with Francesco across a range of complex digital innovation projects in both Germany and the United States. Not only he constantly brought in a great deal of experience in managing and globally directing design strategy and user experience management efforts — he’s also been constantly showing a deep understanding on how those topics affect business strategy and growth, which is definitely an uncommon ability to be found among professionals in the tech industry.

In addition to that, Francesco’s neat organisation, teamwork, and communication skills proved to be outstanding, allowing us to very easily collaborate and deliver value from day one.

I am glad to have Francesco among my global network of trusted business partners, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend him to anyone seeking to transform and grow their business.”

Jörg Westfeld
Director Business Development
— 2016

“Francesco’s curiosity to learn new things sets him apart from his cohort. Apart from his exceptional collaborative abilities with diverse teams, deep focus, and knowledge of user experience, Francesco possesses a naturally analytical and strategic mental tool-set that has brought him success working all over the world.

In a relatively short time he was able to significantly impact complex projects and set a standard for project structure and long-term strategic vision for digital user experience. He embodies the perfect balance of creative and analytical thinking – drawing from his rich exposure to various fields including industrial design, architecture, history, art, and design – which makes him extremely effective at understanding and solving difficult challenges.

I am confident he would be an asset to any and every team he works with, and wish him success in all his endeavors.”

Chinmay Aradhye
Director of UX Research and Design
— 2016

“Francesco is an extremely precise and competent manager. His indications are always clear and straightforward, enabling his partners to deliver complex and high profile projects on time.”

Tommaso Bagassi
Manager Software Engineering
— 2011

“Francesco is a very motivated person, strongly customer-oriented. He demonstrated to be focused on reaching the best final results, cooperating with other departments and managing external partners and suppliers, moving always forward within the difficult boarders of a structured organization.

We have been working together on the design and development of a tool for apps consultancy and distribution. Thanks to Francesco’s outstanding customer experience knowledge, we have achieved the goal to deliver this tool in a short time, with a complete range of devices and apps.

He is a trustful person, and reliable.”

Giulia Cucchetti
Manager Product Development
— 2011

“I have the utmost respect for Francesco — both as a talented customer experience and human-centered product professional, and as genuinely likable person.

We worked together for several years at Autodesk where he lead the design of a few important features for Licensing and Delivery of all digital desktop products, and for Autodesk Account where customers manage their relationship with Autodesk and access all of their benefits.

Francesco impressed me with his systematic approach to taking into account user needs and optimizing their customer journeys, a thoughtful blend of evidence-based problem analysis and skilled intervention to solve those problems.

His communication and work styles are compelling in their thoroughness and clarity, while his presentation is elegantly powerful. His ideas are unusually crisp and his delivery smooth and effective.

I highly recommend Francesco to even the most complex digital design spaces, and expect to see him in a leadership role before long.”

Richard Howard
Manager and UX Architect
— 2018

“I had the chance to work with Francesco on a couple of projects while at the Vodafone Online Services department. He was in charge of their customer experience aspects, such user experience, information structure and page usability. He proved not only to be a competent expert, but he also showed a flexible approach while having to face technical or temporal constraints.

Moreover, he has been able to make our teamwork more pleasant, thanks to his innate sensitiveness and friendliness!”

Alessandra Righini
Manager Digital Development
— 2011

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